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Solos/Duos & Troupe



Bound Dance offers private tuition for students who wish to participate in external competitions as a soloist or in a duo with another student.

Styles available for Solo/Duo Choreography are:


Hip Hop



Students wishing to learn a particular style of solo or duo must be taking the relevant weekly class to do so.
Example: if your dancer wishes to learn a Lyrical solo, they must already be taking the Lyrical class for their age group. Two students wishing to do a Lyrical Duo must both be taking Lyrical together.

Parents with students wishing to learn a solo for competitions should contact Bound Dance directors to discuss whether their child is ready for competitions.


It is a pre-requisite for all students wishing to do a solo or duo, that they must take a weekly ballet class to ensure technique is at an appropriate level for Dance Competitions. (Excluding Hip Hop & Tap Soloists/Duos)

Junior & Teen Troupe Program

For dancers aged 7 to 9 (Junior) and 12+ (Teen).
Our Troupe classes are specifically designed for our most dedicated students, wishing to further advance their technique and performance skills. We provide our Troupe students with a nurturing and accelerated learning environment, a well- rounded program including stretching, strengthening and technique progressions as well as new choreography for performances and the opportunity to bring in Guest Teachers to encourage them to be the best dancer they can be. 

Troupe students are provided the opportunity to compete in a handful of competitions throughout the year, as well as being the first group selected for additional performance opportunities such as community festivals.

Pre-requisites apply. Contact us to talk about your child's eligibility.

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