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Full Scholarship

Bound Dance offers one Full Scholarship to a student who has shown great improvement, growth and commitment in their classes and training.

Students presented with a scholarship are selected based on having shown outstanding improvement across their technique development and performance skills along with demonstrating a great sense of dedication, commitment and desire to learn and further themselves. Students chosen to receive a scholarship are those who demonstrate leadership, come to every class with a positive attitude and inspire others around them.



Style Scholarships

Bound Dance offers four style scholarships allowing the students who have received them on year of free tuition for the particular style.

Students chosen to receive a Style Scholarship have shown passion and dedication to their particular style, have shown outstanding improvement in their technique development and performance skills. These students have shown growth and commitment throughout the year within their classes.

The Style Scholarships are as follows:


Ballet Scholarship

Jazz Scholarship

Hip Hop Scolarship

Lyrical - Contemporary Scholarship

Tap Scholarship

To be eligible for a Full Scholarship, students must have participated in a minimum of three classes per week the full year prior to their Scholarship year.

Scholarships and Awards will be presented at the End of Year Concert to the chosen students for the following year of training.

Scholarships do not cover Private Lessons, Registration, Costume or Event Fees. 

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