Classes & Timetable

Age Groups

(Students must be the minimum age by April 30th)

TINIES​                   3 - 4 years
MINIS                    5 - 6 years

JUNIORS               7 - 9 years

INTERS                 10 - 12 years

PRE-SENIORS      13 - 15 years

SENIORS              16+ years

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high-energy street dance style that has fast become a popular style of dance since its beginnings in the 1970s and is often seen in film clips and dance movies. Hip Hop is fun and upbeat, allowing students to express themselves in a more relaxed class. It is a highly creative style that encourages individual style and flair with an importance placed on musicality and performance. Students will learn Hip Hop elements along with performance skills during these classes.

Tap (Tapatak Oz Syllabus)

Tap dancing allows students to focus on rhythm and coordination. Tap technique places focus on the sounds created by using different parts of the feet against the floor and is a great class for students to improve timing and musicality. Tap is fun for all ages from beginners to advanced students.

Tapatak Oz is an amazing tap syllabus and training program that caters to all students from beginners right through to advanced. It allows students to add their own personality and style into their tapping and encourages creativity, while also developing a strong understanding on tap technique; which is a highly valued skill in today's performing arts industry.


Lyrical is a creative take on a mixture of lyrical jazz, ballet and contemporary styles. There is a focus on the use of dynamics, floor work and texture, while incorporating the physical techniques of ballet and jazz, working on postural alignment, strength and flexibility. Lyrical has become a very popular style of dance allowing students to engage with their emotions and performance skills more, and is also a great class for younger ballet students to progress to. 


The style of jazz can range from more traditional theatrical and technical styles, through to more modern commercial choreography. Jazz classes focus on flexibility, strength and coordination. Technique learnt in jazz involves turns, kicks, jumps and isolations. Jazz addresses posture, alignment and stamina. Jazz is a great class for anyone of any age, being technical yet fun and energetic. 


Ballet offered to our students sets the foundation for dance technique to progress.

Emphasis is placed on posture, musical awareness and motor skills along with creativity and interpretation. Technique learnt in our younger classes involves basic classical positions, turnout and preparation for more advanced turns, kicks and jumps in our older classes. Ballet is a great class for younger children to start learning dance. 


Our Acro classes for students aged 7+ allow dancers to develop technique and acrobatic skills that aid them in all styles of dance. Acro classes focus on developing students tumbling skills, core stability, strength, technique and flexibility. The class works on developing tricks and skills associated with acrobatic aerials, backflips, somersaults, back bends, cartwheels and balancing skills.
This class does not participate in our Mid or End of Year Concert, therefore Costume Fees do not apply.